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Take Me Back To The Start Of It All...

One Winged Angel Of The Lower Depths...

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Hanging From The Crumbling Ceiling, The Light Above You Flickers And Dies. In The Dark, Your Other Senses Perk Up, Trying To Help You Navigate The Dilapidated Area Around You. A Drop Of Water Fals Nearby. The Roof Is Leaking. The Hair On Your Arm Stands Up As A Cool Breeze Flickers OVer Yuor Skin. A Crack In The Failing Walls Leads Outside. A Foul Smell Fills Your Nostrils. The Smell Of Death. He Was Here-He Used This Place To Work On His Vitcims. You Reach Into Your Bag, Oull Out A Small Device And Switch It On. It Throws Out A Sickly Green Beam, Which Quickly Reveals A Previously Unseen Handprint On The Cold Brick Wall. You Scan The Stone Surface And See Several More Handprints Along Its Length. He Went This Way, Steaying Himself On The Wall As He Carried His Victim Into The Night. You Start Down The Same Path Following Following Into The Footsteps Of A Killer. Ahead Of You, The Shadows Shift, And A Soft Cackle Cuts Through The Silence. You Are Not Alone.